Our Approach

Led by our Board of Directors, Taurus Gold’s commitment to protecting people and the environment and building long-term relationships in the communities where we work are embedded in our overall business strategy.

The Sustainability Committee ensures management is identifying and allocating sufficient resources toward managing the Company’s principal sustainability risks and opportunities. This includes making sure Taurus Gold complies with all federal, provincial, and local laws and regulations governing our business.

We are committed to upholding best practices and international standards in our approach to sustainability and have established management systems and policies to govern the way we operate as a responsible mining company.

Our approach and commitments are reflected across the company and manifested in our Board Sustainability Committee Charter, Sustainability Policy and other related corporate policies. 

Our Communities

Our success in exploring for mines requires strong community relationships based on trust and mutual interest. Our community engagement strategy seeks to provide positive social and economic benefits and improve the quality of life for the people in these local communities.

Our People

We are committed to promoting local employment, equality, diversity, inclusion and respect for human rights, and we strive to provide a safe work environment and create a culture with safety at its core.

Our Environment

We are committed to managing the environmental risks associated with our business activities. This includes complying with the applicable environmental laws and regulations in the countries where we operate and improving the environment of the communities by investing in programs and applying best practices and innovative approaches.

Ethics and Compliance

We are committed to strong corporate governance and a culture built on transparency, accountability and integrity. The process of identifying, developing and maintaining high standards of corporate governance is ongoing and dynamic, and Taurus Gold continues to implement initiatives to enhance corporate governance practices and disclosures.