Our Communities

Our Communities

Our success in exploring for mines requires strong community relationships based on trust and mutual interest. Our community engagement strategy seeks to provide positive social and economic benefits and improve the quality of life for the people in these local communities.

Focus Areas

  • Formalizing our community engagement approach
  • Increasing the number of local suppliers and percentage of local spending
  • Establishing a formal dialogue process with indigenous and local governments
  • Raising employee awareness and understanding of our human rights commitments

Community Relations

We respect the cultures, customs, interests and rights of communities, including first and foremost First Nation, and our goal is to work alongside governments, host community representatives and other organizations to promote sustainable local development opportunities. This includes providing local employment and contracting opportunities and pursuing community development programs and projects that build stronger, more vibrant communities over the long term.

Community Investment

Being a good neighbour and trusted community partner involves supporting the communities near our mine through well-designed investments that help address challenges, share the benefits of resource development, prevent or mitigate potential impacts caused by our activities, and improve living standards. In alignment with our Social Investment Framework, community investments are focused on the following areas determined by stakeholders to be of interest to their communities:

  • Health and wellness
  • Socio-cultural infrastructure
  • Education and culture
  • Institutional strengthening